We believe the foundation for learning includes the total development of the child.  We seek to provide developmentally appropriate activities, which meet the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of the individual child.

Believing that children learn through play, we plan our curriculum within a caring and creative environment.  Our program is carefully designed to enlarge the child’s repertoire of knowledge and skills to increase self-confidence; promote curiosity and to be initiative!

At New Northside Child Development Center, we believe that knowledge is not something that is given to children as though they were empty vessels to be filled.  Children acquire knowledge about the physical and social world’s in which they live through playful interaction with objects and people.  Children do not need to be forced to learn: they are motivated by their own desire to make sense of their world.

Our programs are deeply rooted in the developmental experiences of children.  Developmental theorists and researchers like: Piaget (1950-1972), Montessori (1964), Erikson (1950), Elkin (1986) and Kamil (1985) have all demonstrated that “Young children learn by doing”.  At New Northside Child Development Center, we believe that learning is a complex process that results from the interaction of children’s own thinking and their experiences in the external world.